All the best shoes-For all the best men out there!

            When choosing a pair of shoes you need to have more than just style in mind. One wrong decision and you will end up losing tons of money as well as a huge compromise on health. You can develop a number of health problems including swelling on feet, swelling of veins, disturbed blood circulation, blisters, sore fingers, toes and hurtful ankles. A wrong shoe size can cause you to experience extreme un-comfort the moment you put it on. A little callouses can shatter your confidence because you chose a size too small or too tight. Thus how a pair of shoe looks is equally important as how it feels.

Not anymore! Gone are the days when you needed to go from store to store to locate the right style and size for yourself. Of course, when talking about shoes that combine all the three of these factors we have none better than Bogacci Shoes collection for all the stylish men out there!

Freshen up your 9-5 and even beyond with this season’s key styles from Men’s Dress shoes collection for Bogacci Shoes. From classic oxfords to statement-making loafers, these shoes are infused with the latest in comfort technology, and will take you from coffee to commute to late family dinners and weddings with ease.

Our shoes are a class-apart because they are made with 100% premium leather shoes that are sleek, stylish and suitable for all the gentlemen out there. These shoes are made after a going through a number of processes. The designs are made with perfection and precision and then each pair of shoes is handcrafted by our skillful craftsmen who take each measurement with accuracy and craft them with hard work and love for perfection.

Let’s go through each of our collections one by one and discover how each one is a must-have wardrobe staple.

The Oxford Shoes:

The oxford shoes from Bogacci Shoes are much more than your average oxford. A soft outsole provides shock absorption to reduce foot fatigue, while the latest designs are crafted with care to help keep feet dry. From work to weddings, these versatile oxford shoes will quickly become your go-to dress shoes.

Double Monk:

The comfortable and stylish monks are a must-have in every men’s wardrobe who is looking for stylish shoes without being too uncomfortable on your toes. They are crafted with a double buckle on the top and very stylish buckles and a very comfortable insole.


The Leather game:

Want to know why our shoes stand out from the rest? Because our shoes are made with 100% premium quality cow leather which is treated with hand to provide a pair of shoes that speaks for itself!

We know how much you inspire to look good from head to toe! In order to look fashionable and chic the main focus is to wear shoes that complement your entire attire. With various styles and looks to choose from Bogacci shoes can be your one-stop shop solution for all handcrafted stylish and comfortable shoes for all handsome men out there!

Why Bogacci Shoes?

Bogacci shoes is the name of quality and control with numerous styles and designs to choose from the shoes are a piece of art and their quality speak of their high class sophistication and the shoes are a great addition to all your shoe collection. They speak of quality and class combined to give you the best experience.