With the promise to provide men’s footwear that exceeds par excellence, Bogacci shoes started out in 2015 under the umbrella of nwtlimited.

New West Technology established in 1991, is the house of comprehensive solutions and services such as energy savings, energy conservation, automation, project design, sytem upgrades, facility maintenance and operation.


Stepping into the world of exceptional comfort, style and lavishness, we proudly present to you one of our most successful ventures, Bogacci Shoes. A made to order and customized shoe brand running under the supervision of a man with vision, Farasat Ali, Managing Director along with super talented CEO, Sibtain Farasat and directors Faizan Farasat and Shafaq Farasat.

MANAGING DIR- Mr. Farasat Ali.

CEO- Sibtain Farasat .
DIRECTOR- Faizan Farasat.

Bogacci shoes offers more than just value for money. Each pair is meticulously handcrafted under skilled craftsmen to ensure that it is durable, classy and elegant.  Our product is made out of one of the finest materials ensuring a high-grade finish and exceptional quality.

DIRECTOR- Shafaq Farasat.      

Why choose Bogacci Shoes?

We don’t just sell shoes. We sell an experience. From selecting the raw material to putting out a finished pair of shoe, we make sure that each process is perfectly carried out.  Selection and processing of the finest quality leather is done by hand from well-renowned tanneries. Brushing, creaming and polishing is carried out with meticulous care and hence gives a more scintillate look to your footwear.